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Door damper of aircraft

Hydraulic shock absorber
having a bypass valve

A holding apparatus for heat
treatmenting of parts

Application of patent

Application of patent
Application date Description Application Number
2015.03.02 Emergency power assist system 10-2015-0029297
2015.03.31 UAV including telescopic wing 10-2015-0044919
2015.03.31 Convertible wing type hybrid UAV 10-2015-0044923
2015.03.31 Wind direction auto directional VTOL drone and the method for controlling the same 10-2015-0044945
2015.04.30 Emergency door opening and damping system 10-2015-0061208
2015.12.16 Multi-purpose hybrid VTOL UAV with a detachable wings 10-2015-0180462
2015.12.16 Biplane type hybrid CTOL UAV with extendable retractable lower wing 10-2015-0180469